Different types of matrix. Closed matrix

Different types of matrix. Closed matrix
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These individuals captivate us from the perspective of the Matrix of Destiny. They possess a wise, mystical, and ancient history within them, filled with secrets that only they can uncover. I’m talking about those with closed and half-closed charts.

So, what does this mean? A closed chart is one filled entirely with the numbers 18 and 9. But don't worry, you're still a completely normal person. However, your soul's history is likely much longer than many others. This indicates that your chart is closed from the Matrix's perspective because your soul wants you to discover everything on your own, without shortcuts.

Having the numbers 18 and 9 in your chart suggests that your soul is quite old and has been through many experiences. Yet, there are a few unfinished lessons that you may have struggled to complete across multiple lifetimes. This time, the universe wants you to delve deeper into yourself and find the answers independently.

Until then, our service can assist you in learning more about the 9 and 18 arcana, helping you on your journey of self-discovery.

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