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Our purpose is to enable Humanity to live a Fulfilled Life. Through self knowledge, we can understand our true nature and live a life of purpose and meaning. We are a team of passionate individuals who are committed to unlocking humanity and the secrets of our birth.

  • Ordin Zabek

    Ordin Zabek

    Creator of

    Programmer by trade, seeker by heart. I merge my passion for technology with a quest for life's deeper truths. Striving to make life better, one line of code and one moment of insight at a time. Entrepreneurial spirit, coding skills, and a touch of zen in all I do.

  • Anastasiia Holubeiko

    Anastasiia Holubeiko

    Matrix of Destiny Expert / Content Creator / Advisor

    I possess a profound expertise in interpreting destiny matrix charts, having accumulated a remarkable two-year tenure within this field. My ultimate objective revolves around providing you with invaluable insights pertaining to your personal journey in life!

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